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    Julio Cebrián Villagómez was born in La Rua de Valdeorras-Pétin (Galicia) in 1929. Began as a humorous Illustrator in the magazine directed by Antonio Mingote Don José (weekly supplement of the journal Spain) and later collaborated on the quail.
    his is what is considered the first caricature of a Franco Minister in-office of the charge appeared in a Spanish publication. The protagonist of this cartoon was Manuel Fraga, was then responsible for the Ministry of information and tourism, who was portrayed with feather on the cover of the weekly La Codorniz on December 5, 1965, on the occasion of the adoption of the law on press. In this drawing, Fraga was carrying the legal text as if it were a newborn. On October 27, 1968 Cebrián went even further and, in another home in the same publication, a Council of Ministers represented though, that without the dictator Francisco Franco.

    Cebrian collaborated for a couple of decades in the people newspaper, directed by Emilio Romero. In the last period of the Franco regime published in some of the new magazines of that period, such as please and thank you. With the arrival of democracy, he joined Publisher Asensio in the Z Group publications, and his jokes could be found in Interviu and above all in the comic supplement of this magazine, to the barricades!, booklet of parliamentary and political humor that had great importance your collaboration. also published in the newspaper El Mundo.
    Julio Cebrián She also participated in some campaigns of the 1970s and collaborated on anthologies of Spanish humour. In 1968 got the prestigious Paleta Agromán prize of graphic humor.

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