Marc Coll Moll


    • Hombre
    • Escultor
    • Expresionista Abstracto
    • Instalación
    • Mixed media
    • Pintor
    • Otros


    Acerca del artista

    The route that I make during a work is an adventure, similar to an expedition, venture into unknown worlds and I explore them in search of emotions and feelings. I'm fascinating on the stories that tell some poems of Greco-Latin epic, such as the Odyssey and the Homer s Iliad. The Myths, legends, everything that contains a bit of mystery strikes me and motivados me. Everything that is between reality and fiction, between Figuration and abstracción. Turner, Barceló, Kiefer, are some of the names with which I mosto identify my work, some by theme, others by technique or style. All together have been for my inspiration.

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