Mo Caró


    • Hombre
    • Artista digital
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    • Diseñador
    • Ilustrador
    • Pintor


    Acerca del artista

    If there is one word that defines Mo Caró is undoubtedly multifaceted. Born in Barceloan in 1964 in a family of artists which he inherited his complete passion for illustration in particular and art in general, this Catalan has done almost everything: Cartoonist storyboard, comic book artist, actor graphic novel, TV series, TV-movies and commercials ... a lot of work behind show that even the son of illustrator, has not been easy to get where he is. Been recognized internationally for work on film posters and Drew Struzan be considered the Spanish. And publishing a book of illustrations internationally titled "ONE SHEET MOVIE", which contains some of his best work, in homage to the cinema of all time. ,, Mo !! is at present a hallmark of reference for the industry.
    At just 16 years of age and participated in the first production of cartoons for Spanish television, "Don Quixote". They degree in photography at 18.
    In the 80s and 90s working in the audiovisual field as Creative, Artistic Director and Commercial Director. Advertising