• 15 SEP a 26 SEP
    Exposición Colectiva
    Abstract Art Exhibition


    • Exposición Colectiva
    • Contemporaneo
    • Arte Moderno

    Fechas y horarios

    15 SEP a 26 SEP 2016


    Lugar del evento

    The Brick Lane Gallery

    93-95 Sclater Street, E1 6HR
    Reino Unido

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    • Alan Yaffe
    • Frederic Paul
    • Hoon young
    • Mihály-Tóth Mária
    • Olga Chernetska
    • Samanta Ułybin
    • Stephanie Kirkham


    The Brick Lane Gallery is excited to invite you to ABSTRACT ART, an exhibition exploring representations that go beyond what we can physically identify. The artworks presented challenge our perceptions as each composition is based on a unique visual language that is not representational. Following the philosophical idea that the highest form of beauty does not lie in the forms of the real world but in geometry and simple shapes, these artworks explore colours and lines in their purest forms. Both local and international artists invite us to interpret their works freely, by not having a reference point; each viewer may experience feelings and thoughts in their own way.

    Frederic Paul, one of the exhibiting artists, wants to set people’s feelings free through his art. He aims to create a true communication between his delicate and intriguing pieces and the viewer. Mihály-Tóth Mária presents 3 abstract minimalist paintings. With the work "My house" she would like to determine her own place, and tell us what it feels like to live there. The "Pompeii" and "Toscana" works are mirrors, which contain and reflect her travel experiences. Samanta U?ybin creates a unique combination of intuitive painting based on the Vedic Art method and sensual approach to the process of creating art. Her work translates the unspoken into a field that can be experienced with all senses. It is an attempt to embrace the transcendence by heart-centered consciousness of an artist so that it takes shapes and structure on canvas. It is a journey through the boundless ocean of beauty, passion, love, tenderness and versatility.

    You are warmly welcome to join us for a drink with the artists at the opening night of ABSTRACT ART at The Brick Lane Gallery-The Annexe open from 6pm-8.30pm on Wednesday 14th September 2016.

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