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    Add Different Edge to Your Home Walls through Famous Landscape Paintings


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    24 MAY 2016 a 18 MAY 2017

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    • Bipul Roy


    Landscape paintings representing cowboys standing between the mixed grasslands region of the Prairie, Badlands National Park, South Dakota or the last orange rays of the sun before the twilight summons the stars to spread across the sky, every painting holds a mysterious story.

    Non-art lovers or the people who have recently developed interest in the art believe that the landscape paintings are those which include landscapes. But this is not the only thing which landscape paintings represent. The thoughtful artists have expanded the depth of hidden meanings in the famous landscape paintings. Each of these paintings beautifully portrays the relationship between Mother Nature and son. But not everyone can understand this.

    The landscape art is a beautiful representation of the subjects of nature on different mediums. The landscape theme has remained same but in the past time, artists gave new dimension to the landscape paintings with their unique style of painting. The style of landscape art creation changed with region, and surfaced into three categories: Representational, Impressionistic and Abstract. If you look at and compare the famous landscape paintings of these three categories you will find that each of them has unique characteristics – shades of colors, intensity of light, and the position of props placed in the portraits.

    Before understanding how to buy landscape art from the online galleries, let’s have a brief about different types of Landscape Art.

    Representational Landscape Art

    The representational landscape art form is the most basic form of landscape paintings. In the representational landscape paintings, artists do not use any special colors or filters. Even if you find an unrealistic effect in the painting, that is being created using basic colors. The main focus of the artists while practicing representational landscape remains on the natural beauty of the nature. The artists do not paint any imaginary subject. There are subjects in these paintings are realistic.

    Landscape Art

    In the landscape paintings and photographs, other than landscape, you will rarely find additional elements. Generally, in these paintings, animals and people are not included in landscape or the images of seas. The main aim of the landscape artwork is to represent the natural beauty of the nature then it is calm, furious or unreal; that doesn’t matter.

    Impressionistic Landscape Art

    The impressionistic landscape paintings are bit of a mixture of realistic scene not unrealistic light. The artists use different methods, like highlights the foreground to give softer looks to the background or vice versa. They also use unusual lighting techniques, such as increasing or decreasing the saturation point of the color, or incorporating different hues of colours, and so on. These paintings are the sheer vision of the artist and photographer. With their artistic abilities they can create stunning image of the nature.

    Abstract Landscape Art

    In these paintings landscapes are used as background, and in the foreground a single component, like strange or a weird shape tree or a branch is shown. If you find an unusually shaped subject highlighted as a main subject in the painting and it is represented with the help of landscape in the background that means you are looking at an abstract landscape art painting.

    Tips on how to select landscape painting

    There is plethora of famous and fascinating landscape paintings of the well-known artists available in different size of frames on different platforms. Things which you need to decide or do while buying paintings are:

    • Your interest in the category of landscape artwork
    • The place where you want to hung it. You want to hang it in your home, office, or patio.
    • Measure the height and width of the wall where you want to hung it
    • What is your budget? If you put it simply, how much you can spend to buy your favourite piece of art.
    • Ask for the certificate signed by the artist as a proof of originality.
    • Check for the price of painting on the other physical or virtual art galleries.

    Things which you should not do while buy landscape painting:

    • Do not go for the painting, which you don’t like
    • Never buy painting under the influence of others
    • Do not burn holes in your pocket.
    Buy your favourite piece of landscape painting from wherever you want, but buy it wisely!

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