• 14 MAY a 25 JUN
    Exposición en Solitario


    • Exposición en Solitario
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    Fechas y horarios

    14 MAY a 25 JUN 2016

    Vernissage: Saturday, May 14th, 2016, 11 am

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    Mario Mauroner Contemporary Art

    Residenzplatz 1

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    • Alfred Haberpointner


    Massive wooden panels unfold in a radical division similar to a shining sun or exploding stars. Alfred Haberpointner (*1966 in Ebenau near Salzburg) chops and cuts not only wooden panel paintings out of spruce, walnut, cherrywood, oak, lime, ash, aspen and other kinds of wood. Moreover, the wooden panels become – adapted with coloured stain - colorful illuminated surfaces.

    The Austrian sculptor Alfred Haberpointner works with wood, and this in the truest sense of the word. The treatment of the material, in all its nuances and shades, takes place through a powerful mechanical approach, whose traces become visible. The artist strikes, chops and burns, provokes the material and demands everything from it. The result are works that are, on the one hand figuraly recognizable and comprehensible, but on the other hand they can remain arrested in their abstract geometry.
    Haberpointner’s sculptures, whether hands, hooks, (larger than life) heads or shoes, are signs that also always have cultural connotations. Whether it is the opened hand, which refers to giving and receiving,
    or the hook, which stands for weight, hanging, lifting and carrying. Haberpointner does not wish to tell any stories or to interpret. For him the interplay of form, material, surface and sign are much more important. Even the form in the artist’s works is characterized through its subjectivity and conciseness. Haberpointner does not want to execute precisely anatomical or mathematical forms, rather much more to create a possible complexity and variation. Not least, the recurring motifs refer to the view that his works want nothing more than to be sculpture.
    “This certain kind of love for wood is crucial. On the one hand it is something with which I am very strongly connected. On the other hand I try to overcome this attachment, […] to get rid of it, to push it in the background,” says the artist about his relationship to the material. His attempt to suppress is evoked through a suppression of the look of wood as we encounter it in nature. Whether he covers his wooden heads with lead or crowds them with thumbtacks, the underlying wood body always remains recognizable. In his “hacked” and “chopped” objects the wood's features are also literally brought to the surface.
    The viewer’s perception of Haberpointner’s works requires an active and constructive process. Not only is the eye excited, but also the tactile sense. The obsessive handling stimulates the material feeling, which results in a unique tactile experience. In this way the artist calls attention to the lack of experience in relation to nature, which the anonymous, all-knowing city dwellers have taken over long ago.

    Born in 1966 in Ebenau, Alfred Haberpointner studied at the School of Sculpture in Hallein and at the University of Design in Linz with Prof. Erwin Reiter. In 1990 he received the Award of the Academy of Art and Industrial Design in Linz. Numerous study trips and work scholarships led him to Italy, France and the USA among others. In 1997 he received the Theodor Körner Prize for the Promotion of Science and Art, 2001 Award of Upper Austria. Alfred Haberpointner lives and works in Leonding near Linz and in Ebenau.


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