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    Bizarre World of Contemporary Art: Paintings Made With Human Blood


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    31 MAY 2017 a 31 MAY 2018

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    Did you find the title creepy? Well, if you are feeling that this isn’t possible, then you must think again. Without a single doubt, the world of art is beautiful as well as creepy. There are all sorts of artists who create marvels in the world of art. Some follow the old painting styles to create mesmerising artworks while others choose to use inexplicable and strange techniques to make their paintings. The contemporary artist of today’s day and age is using anything and everything in the name of art. This is happening to such a great extent that even art connoisseurs are facing difficulties in comprehending the realities and intent of the paintings. The newbies who are ready to keep their first step in the world of art are getting highly intimidated by the artworks which are being created in the present times.

    Every artist is unique. Even if two artists choose to create a similar kind of painting still there would be a vast amount of difference based on their painting methods, brush strokes, styles, etc. As more and more painters are emerging, it is becoming even more essential for the contemporary artist of today to distinguish themselves from the crowd and leave their unique impression. In the race to achieve this uniqueness, artists have crossed all the boundaries and are creating such bizarre paintings using the weirdest of techniques which are beyond the understanding of a common man.

    Vinicius Quesada

    There is a name in the art world who is famous for creating paintings using the real human blood. This outrageous contemporary artist is Vinicius Quesada. He is a street artist who hails from Brazil and thanks to his bizarre painting styles has ended up creating a distinguished place in the art world for himself. Quesada likes to add a shock value to his creations and what better way of doing this than by painting with blood. It is surely a weird way of adding personalisation, however, Quesada is of the opinion that he is leaving a part of him in each and every artwork of his. Surely, his blood and urine is one of the widely used products in his paintings.

    Quesada’s unique painting style

    This contemporary artist follows the RGB colour scheme and based on the way he’d like to use the colours, he adds his own blood and urine in the paintings. To begin with painting he first researches intensely into finding appropriate photographs. Once Quesada finds the pictures which he is happy with, then he goes on to setting up a collage of them. Using this as a reference, he stencils the image out on a paper. This ensures that he is able to create exactly what he wants and there are no differences between what he expects and the image that is being created on the canvas. Once the outline is ready, he uses mainly three colours from the RGB colour system along with his blood and urine to intensify the effects.

    Blood Piss Blue

    This is the name of the famous series which is created by Vinicius Quesada. This succession of dystopian images was created in the year 2010. One of the interpretation of these paintings is that the world is facing a peak oil crisis and it depicts kids playing in the subway, densely polluted cities, homeless people and refugees. Undeniably, the paintings are huge and this contemporary artist has perfectly captured minute details. His artworks are quite appealing on their own as he portrays a beautiful mix of colours and hues, true-life moments and celebrities. In addition to the already beautiful portraits, the usage of materials adds up to the inquisitiveness further and fascinates audiences immensely.

    What Quesada has to say?

    The eminent contemporary artist himself holds a different opinion altogether. As mentioned earlier, he likes to use the RGB colour scheme and based on how intense he wants the colour to be he adds the blood. He states that it is a tedious and extremely hard task to find blood as he only uses his own. Since the time he has rose to fame, people offer him his blood but he advises them to donate it to the blood banks as they need it than art does. As the body produces a certain amount of blood, he is able to draw around 450ml in the time span of every two months. He goes to the hospital and takes professional help to get the blood. Even when he had a choice he never took someone else’s blood and has never harmed any living creature.

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