• 25 FEB a 30 ABR
    Exposición en Solitario
    Four Solo Exhibitions


    • Exposición en Solitario
    • Contemporaneo

    Fechas y horarios

    25 FEB a 30 ABR 2016

    Tuesday - Saturday 10am-6pm

    Lugar del evento

    Ace Gallery

    Los Angeles
    United States

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    light/WHITE, Heather Carson’s fourth solo exhibition with Ace Gallery, comprised of her most recent light/ALBERS, light/LINES, and light/SQUARES sculptures.
    Drawing upon the histories of East Coast Minimalism and West Coast Light and Space movements, Heather Carson’s sculptures are formal and conceptual investigations into the properties of light. light/WHITE focuses on color theory in relation to light by exploring variations in proximal color temperatures of white light. This body of work was initially inspired by Josef Albers’ Study for Homage to the Square: Dimly Reflected (1963). His use of varying grey shades triggered the idea of exploring the use of hues of white light instead of color. Carson’s light/ALBERS sculptures led to further investigations of white light in her light/LINES series and light/SQUARES series.

    SIGNS AND WONDERS, an exhibition of psychologically charged black and white photographs by Andrew Holmes.
    SIGNS AND WONDERS interweaves the unrefined nature of Gothic Romanticism and spiritual renewal within the landscape of California existing beyond the city limits of Los Angeles. Holmes' series of photographs focuses on the intricacies of the new Gothic era and its empowering metaphors through an absence of color. In the words of Holmes, this exhibition “presents a new kind of landscape, home to a disturbed protagonist from a mechanistic environment, who is drained of life. In these low light images silhouette, surface, texture, and detail are paramount.”

    Techno Rococo, a solo exhibition of Laurie Lipton’s drawings. The drawings are created from Lipton’s imagination, without the use of visual references or projections.
    Laurie Lipton states “Techno Rococo presents a reflection on aspects of the 21st century,” such as industrialization, digital technology, mechanization, and connectedness. In many of the Techno Rococo drawings, humans are inextricably attached to wires, machines, or screens. Machines are presented as extensions of humans, and humans as extensions of machines. As technology has advanced quickly over the past decades, particularly over the past several years, the nature of the relationship between man and machine has become increasingly complex. Humans rely on machines to com municate, conduct business, and complete simple daily tasks. As reflected in the subject matter of Lipton’s drawings, machines have changed the way in which society functions at a basic level. The artist observes: “technology has connected us, isolated us, freed, and enslaved us. It is evolving rapidly and will either save or destroy us.”

    Contained Radiance: Miracle Mile, a major solo exhibition by Laddie John Dill, consists of a series of Light Sentences, dating as early as 1969. Dill’s Light Sentences, glass tubes containing various gases, radiate colored light through segments of hand-colored glass, illuminating their surroundings in a precise and controlled manner.
    Laddie John Dill’s Light Sentences combine chemistry, glasswork, and electricity. Each light sentence is composed of blown glass tubing containing argon, neon, helium, xenon, and/or mercury gas. Together these elements form rhythmic bands of colored light that fill the tubing and emit a contained glow. Referring to his choice of materials, Dill explains: “I was influenced by [Robert] Rauschenberg, Keith Sonnier, Robert Smithson, Dennis Oppenheim, and Robert Irwin, who were working with earth materials, light, and space as an alternative to easel painting.”

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