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    Exposición Colectiva


    • Exposición Colectiva
    • Artistas Emergentes

    Fechas y horarios

    10 AGO a 29 AGO 2013

    Todos los días a partir de las 20:00

    Vernissage: 10 de agisto a partir de las 20:00

    Lugar del evento

    Circular Culture

    Leinestr. 48 Neukölln, Berlin

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    Girlmetric is the latest work of the Spanish Illustrator Alba Vilardebò, displayed for the first time in Berlin. Vilardebò is a regular illustrator in magazines like the German SensaNostra and the Spanish HazidMag and has also had several exhibitions in both countries. This extremely active graphic artist has been drawing restlessly since she finished her education in La Escola Llotja school for art and design in Barcelona. Her body of work takes you into a beautiful fantastic world full of amazing imagery of funny colourful beings and objects.

    This series of illustrations in ink and acrylics shows a development in the work of the artist but shares with her earlier work the taste for playful shapes and bright pure colour choices. In her own words, Alba describes this series as the meeting point between femininity, colour and geometry. This series of illustrations was born while searching for a way of representing women in an intimate and anonymous way. I find myself playing intuitively with acrylics on coloured paper. One Illustration leads to the next one, a pyramid to a cube, arms join together until the girl disappears and I stay alone with geometry. But the game is not over yet.

    Alba Vilardebò´s show will be completed by contrasting it with the work of a very different illustrator. About the same age and also new in Berlin, the Argentinian Malú Chenlo opts for fade out shapes and the softness of water colours. Her artwork can be rooted in drawing and painting, but also diversifies into more detailed craft work like paper cut-outs and ceramics. In the last five years she has created an ongoing series of automatic drawings that has evolved into her new work using landscape and natural imaginary.

    The exhibition presents a selection of works that delves into the complexity and diversity in nature through the close observation of it´s patterns, textures, and colours. The combination of abstraction and figuration reveals links in the logic of reality, disclosing something hidden and secret. The series offers a collection of visual recognitions that enables the observer to re-examine classic conceptions of nature, covering a wide variety of images that oppose odd stillness to ongoing forces that are in constant transmutation of instability. This disorder is partly enclosed in the symbolic representation of active Latin American volcanoes, that silently threats uniformity and control.

    This exhibition has been curated and organized by Circular Culture in collaboration with Art und Weise Kunstraum und Heilbar

    Artist:                        Artist:

    Alba Vilardebò              Malú Chenlo



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