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    Incorporating an Antique Art Piece into Your Home


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    27 ABR 2017

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    New Delhi

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    Antiques: one of the most elegant and classy pieces of art that anyone can lay their hands on. Whether you have been lucky to inherit this piece of craft from your ancestors or you are going to buy art for yourself, working around with antiques can be interesting. However, if you are feeling that it is getting a bit difficult for you to make your antique work with your modern décor then, here are a few tips which will assist you in incorporating the beauty of an antique piece into your home to showcase its magnificence to the full potential.

    • Displaying a collection:

    If you are wondering what to do with an antique piece then, you can buy art of a similar manner and club it all together to create a magnificent display. It is quite possible that one antique piece would fail to exhibit its uniqueness into your modern looking setup. Curating similar pieces together is a great yet unique style of incorporating the antiqueness of the item. You need to work on hunting down the right pieces which would complement your beautiful piece. Remember, you need to find complementing items and not similar ones. Mix-and-match can look better than a wide display of similar looking articles. While choosing the presentation to remember the décor and furniture of the space along with your own choice of style.

    • Celebrate its uniqueness:

    If you are blessed with an antique piece you must thrive to secure its uniqueness. You must realize that the beauty of an antique article rests in its antiquity and you must not try to fidget with it. Look for ways in which you can protect its relic yet make it match your current décor. If you are trying to work with an antique clock or painting then you must remember that contrast is the key. Variation can bring beauty and styling in a manner which suits your taste is important. It might look like a difficult task but when you will work on it, you will realize that it isn't rocket science.

    • Getting creative:

    It isn’t necessary that you need to incorporate changes in the antique article to match it with your existing décor. Leveling up the theme of your space to match with the article is a great way to beautifully integrate the antique item in your room. Repainting a particular piece of furniture to make it complement the article is a great way to tie things together. Adding colour, textures, etc. there are so many ways in which you can beautify the appeal of your antique piece without disturbing its uniqueness.

    • Making the most out of it:

    If you have been able to find a magnificently large antique article then you must try to keep it as a feature spot. It is better to let the artwork speak for itself than trying to fiddle with it. A smart piece on a crisp and vibrant coloured wall is enough to make a statement. This will help in making the item stand out. Depending on your personal taste you can add or remove certain pieces to amplify the beauty of your prized possession. You can certainly buy charismatic art to glam-up things a bit more or you can choose to keep things minimal. Whatever you choose to do, just make sure it is in sync with your taste and style.

    Sprucing up space with an antique item is all about creativity. You can buy art to complement the piece further or you can smartly utilize the existing pieces. The choice is entirely yours. At the end it is your space and your liking matters the most.

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