• 15 FEB a 30 MAR
    Exposición en Solitario
    Mystic & Smart


    • Exposición en Solitario
    • Contemporaneo

    Fechas y horarios

    15 FEB a 30 MAR 2013

    Tuesday to Saturday 11h-19h & on appointment

    Vernissage: 15 février 2013, 18-21h

    Lugar del evento

    Suzanne Tarasiève Galerie



    • Matthieu Messagier


    Matthieu Messagier started drawing in 2007. With a passion. Since then he has explored this new direction as a field of unlimited experiences, as he does his poetry1, giving us several series in English vinyl ink on cardboard. Exhibited for the first time at Galerie Suzanne Tarasieve, these impromptu, large-format genealogies recapture the visionary power of this very productive contemporary poet. Mystic & Smart comes across as a striking gallery of fore-portraits full of crowned heads: kings, princes, paladins and holy men in ceremonial gear, together with strange, spectral apparitions. But there is not a drop of gravitas in these textures, rhythms and deflagrations of vivid colours on a black ground. Mystic & Smart is definitely no memento mori. The gaze is invited to observe a procession of elegant hard-nuts showing off their bony finery. Matthieu Messagier knows that poverty can in places be more generous than opulence and has created the smartest of dress codes, clothing his mystico-barbarous cortege with printed paper napkins sporting absurd motifs that are reinvented as bows, tutus, surcoats, brocades, tunics and generous guipures on these new powdered kings of the night with their extra-ocular gazes. As Messagier recently told me when speaking about this series in English vinyl ink, “the human skull and its skeleton are none other than the first state of a fore-portrait, the portrait of everyone and no one at the same time.” In other words, Mystic & Smart evacuates melancholy in favour of wide-eyed innocence, like that of a Mexican kid biting into a marshmallow skull on the famous Day of the Dead which, let us recall, is also All Saints’ Day, the day of all the high rollers, party nuts and high livers. These, then, are not vanitas, but a festival of the senses, an all-over experiment with forms. Such is Mystic & Smart, which shows seeing under the sign of the unheard-of.

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