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    Take Charge to Adorn Your Place: Triumph Over Bare Walls and Turn Them into a Mini Wall Museum


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    28 JUL 2017

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    New Delhi

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    Defining a unique décor style can be an intimidating task for some, unless and until you are an art lover, collector or an interior designer. Putting beautiful things of décor in some random unordered way or on the wrong wall can also result into an unattractive shambolic abode. Therefore, it becomes significant to work upon certain things before actually putting them into action especially when you don’t want to splurge bucks while shopping for wall decors. However, it is undeniably true that nothing can make a wall look as spectacular and attractive as canvas prints, photographs, artifacts and illustrations do and that is too without burning a hole in your pocket.

    To make this daunting task a bit stress-free and playful, I have come up with this blog that will help a homeowner to conquer bare walls and turn them into a mini wall museum.

    • Incorporate small stories on long blank walls:

    Memories hide in every corner of our house so why not use them to cover the long blank canvases in our house. Memoirs photographed during, excursions with people you adore, a fabulous wedding, an auspicious occasion can be turned into art and displayed on wall. This photo-to-art technique would not only flaunt your place but would also make you feel delighted whenever you gaze upon them. Make your gallery wall stand out and create a style statement by incorporating the best moments on walls. Give them a personal touch and let them reflect the most joyous and cherishable moments of your life.

    • Make a style statement without breaching your budget:

    We often come across strange houses with lavish wall arts in living rooms and bedrooms while rests of the walls are left dull and unoccupied which give those walls an unattractive mien. This is all because of a mistaken belief that only the presence of an expensive piece of wall art can make up a place. Buying expensive wall arts for every wall might breach your pocket. For turning a place of living into a mini museum, one can opt for other brilliant options like canvas prints, photo to art, artifacts, customized portraits, and photographs that will not be a huge bang on your buck.

    • Learn the art of placing art at right place:

    While creating a gallery wall, one should not forget to make a symmetrical and balanced arrangement of artworks. To ensure this, start by placing the largest work first and use it as the center point of your wall. Place rest of the works aside the center point and maintain the spacing of at least 1¼ inches (3 cm) between every two works to make each piece stand out on its own.

    Place the complete patterned arrangement of works level-headed against the furniture or centered in a room. Hang your canvas prints or paintings with precision, at least 12 inches above the furniture, so it doesn’t hide behind the head when someone was sitting at the furniture and sits at average eye level. This will also limit potential damage to art by touching.

    Though, most of the artworks like paintings or extraordinary canvas prints come with a gallery wrap that can be placed directly on a wall but in order to preserve their living, it’s better to choose the right frame for them. Choose similar frames if you’re working with a collection of artwork to make it your home’s style. Use of vitrine is another distinctive and creative way to create a gallery to install short works or photographs.

    Hope these tips and tricks would help in offsetting a gallery wall at your home.

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