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    The Residence Gallery

    229 Victoria Park Road, London
    Reino Unido

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    The Residence Gallery is a 21st century commercial gallery/ conceptual house curated by Ingrid Z. Mission Through the romantic and bold language of fine art The Residence Gallery brings home a 21st century perspective of life and beyond. It is a live structure to be experienced as a whole scenario or to be dissected and collected for many inspired years to come. Company Overview The Residence Gallery is an exuberant London home known for its cultural dynamism and commitment to engaging new artists. In its 8 years of ambitious programming it has affectionately earned its reputation as “The Guggenheim of the East End” (Independent London, 2010) and a “A place to see and be seen.” (Richard Martin, ArtPops 2010). 

    Director Ingrid Z has raised the roof of The Residence Gallery to unveil a 21st century international artropolis. The East London based gallery began as an idea for a palatial d.i.y. museum in an abandoned Victorian mental hospital ("Tate Post-Mortem" - Whitechapel, 2004). It since unleashed itself with over 1000 scenario-based exhibitions in a shop premises as well as Z’s haunted home The Verger’s Cottage (St. Mary of Eton Church). Notice of demolition prompted the gallery and its resident Z to take charge and secure a permanent home in aspirational Victoria Park Village, expanding to include a private hotel suite and a floral garden. “Something from nothing to everything with experience,” The Residence Gallery is a triumph of spirit and alchemy.

    The gallery celebrates innovative interdisciplinary forces including painting, video, photography and installation... make-up artistry, mixology, music, fashion and fame. It naturally attracts relevant and engaging artists of our time.

    Ingrid takes into account both an artistic and curatorial approach to organising often scenario based exhibition experiences where the roles of audience, art, object, artist and gallerist become interchangeable or undefined. 

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