Belgin Yucelen


    • Female
    • Sculptor


    Hilton Asmus Contemporary, Chicago; SmithKlein Art Gallery,Boulder; Elinoff Gallery, Telluride; Susan Bell Fine Art Gallery, Denver

    About the artist

    The inviting possibilities of the human figure and the random narratives it offers are the endless source of my work. Some of these narratives who stay with me eventually find a way to coexist in my work together with my own perceptions.

    To me art is beautiful if it is simple and quiet. I sculpt suggestions offering the viewers the opportunity to self-reflect and connect with them through their own experiences. I believe that a cold resemblance takes away the essence of the figure. Suggestions however allow better portraying a person.

    Sculpting is a way to communicate for me, a way to record my emotions and perspectives. It is an act of giving.

    The creation of art is a complex process which is a result of emotions, mind, and technical knowledge. Generally before I start a piece I only know the starting point, which is just the pure idea. I allow the ideas to live with me and mature for quite awhile. When it is time for their realization, I start. I still do not exactly know what the result is going to look like. There is always a reason and a call to make it, but the result is a mystery even though I know why I am making it.

    Creating is exhausting, but at the same time relieving. I work mostly with clay, which responds to my hands but sometimes surprises me – hand has its own dreams. I stop when I see my idea in the sculpture and when a certain solidity and life is achieved within the sculpture. Then I wait. Time always demonstrates the strengths or reveals the weaknesses.


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