Anish Kapoor will exhibit his works in Milan from 31st May to 9th October

Anish Kapoor. Dirty corner - Milano 2011
Milan - JUN 01, 2011
Anish Kapoor will exhibit his works in Milan, in two different galleries - Rotonda della Besana and Fabbrica del Vapore - from 31st May to 9th October 2011.

The exhibition is organized by Gianni Mercurio and Demetrio Paparoni. With his experiments the artist moves along space and material, on an endless quest, interacting with the surrounding milieu, trying to create "perceptive displacements" in the visitors' eyes, giving different meanings to the things. His latest production has mainly used metals and wax.

On the occasion of the restoration of the building Fabbrica del Vapore Kapoor will realize a site-specific installation: a long tunnel in steel, about 60 meters long, accessible to all visitors. The entrance is over 9 meters high and it opens as a goblet, and the (inner and outer) surface is rounded, with a very small support on the ground. The roundabout Rotonda in via Besana will house a selection of his works. Among them My Red Homeland, year 2003, an important installation made of red wax in a huge round container, overtopped by a metallic arm turning around a central axle, pushing and squeezing the wax, in a slow, silent act of creation and destruction. The artists considers the red color as a "mean of emotional investigation". 

The exhibition is completed by a series of interactive steel sculptures which should cause a displaced visual and acoustical perception, a sense of alienation and slight loss of balance. Kapoor will also be present in Venice during the Biennale's opening, until 27 November 2011, at the Basilica of San Giorgio Maggiore, the work of Ascension. The event is part of the selection of the 37 that are part of the LIV Venice Biennale and is organized by Arte Continua by Lorenzo Fiaschi, founder of Galleria Continua , San Gimignano / Beijing / Le Moulin and implemented in collaboration with illycaffè together at Giorgio Cini Foundation and the Abbey of San Giorgio Maggiore in Venice. Ascension was built for the first time in San Gimignano in 2003 and later was made in Brazil (Rio de Janeiro and Brasilia and Sao Paulo in 2006 in 2007) in China (in Beijing in 2007) to Venice once more takes a new form, to enter the fascinating context of a basilica.

Useful information:

Anish Kapoor. Dirty Corner
31 May to 9 October 2011
Rotonda di via Besana Via Enrico Besana, 12

31 May to 8 January 2012 
Fabbrica del Vapore via Procaccini, 4

Opening hours:

Monday 14:30 to 19:30.
From Tuesday to Sunday 9.30-19.30.
Thursday and Saturday 9:30 to 22:30


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