A new concept of art fair adapted to the new times.

Artesantander 2011 - Twenty Edition of Santander's International Fair of Contemporary Art
Santander - JUN 07, 2011
From 20 to 24 of July, 2011
In reaching its twentieth edition and based on criteria of flexibility, dynamism, accessibility and, at the same time, with a more selective about the choice of galleries, artists and works exhibited at the Fair, a new born with the intention ARTESANTANDER that this formula is a reference for everyone from now on.

A new format, less dense, more direct and more profitable
This new format, designed under the parameters of a more precise, clear and pure exhibition space, aims to show the content in a more efficient, profitable and understandable permeable, adapting the Fair, in addition to the specific needs of the moment in its usual public optimizing the most fundamental thing: the material resources and economic virtual available. The new ARTESANTANDER, coinciding with its 20 anniversary, there's actually a fair concept less dense, more manageable and visible and at the same time, tighter and coincides with the current requirements. In short, ARTESANTANDER becomes a Festival of Projects, a fair more specialized, in which nothing is lacking but in which nothing about ... a hybrid between traditional and advanced in the art in its pure state becomes the protagonist.

A more complete selection of works. A watch for new talents. The selection criterion becomes even more exhaustive. Each gallery, which will have charge of the stand, shall, within the Festival called Projects, a program based on the artists he represents: either with a single artist-One Man Show, "along with a group or several artists. In all cases the proposal will be developed in a curated stand to be judged by the selection committee of the fair. The Committee is therefore based on the quality of proposals and their compliance with the ARTESANTANDER features that extend the invitation to the final gallery at the event. On the other hand, keeps the program from collectors but will now take a different approach. We encourage the presence of heads of museums, art centers and libraries with the intention that, thanks to the Festival of Projects, the Fair will become a kind of observatory of young talent and, therefore, the ideal place to attract new talent ... a "hotbed" of artists available to the heads of contemporary art, nationally and internationally. Similarly, maintaining the successful formula Urban Visions, the art on the street, as a publicity stunt of the fair 'abroad and, in turn, as a cultural reference to excellence in summer, already familiar to citizens who pass by the city of Santander on the dates of the fair.

A clearest ROOM: Unification of exhibition space. ARTESANTANDER be conducted specifically on the top floor of the enclosure, a plant that has no columns so its open space character will contribute significantly to the accessibility and clarity of content presented. The Fair will have 45 stands, each about 24 m2, seven of which will be aimed in the same area, Cantabrian galleries.

Palacio de Exposiciones y Congresos Avda del Stadium s/n 39005 Santander. Spain



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