During the last weekend of August, Brussels hosted the first cultural meeting of creators and cultural institutions of a public and private nature, in order to highlight the huge cultural offer of the city.

Brussels Creative Forum
Brussels - SEP 07, 2013

The Brussels Creative Forum is a cultural and touristic initiative that intends to show the artistic, creative and cultural possibilities that the city offers annually to its visitors, as well as activities that are currently underway thanks to the new creators and institutions. Throughout a set of stands -located next to the Royal Palace of Brussels- each one of the museum and business institutions that were in the Forum have tempted the visitors with their numerous and varied proposals. In response to people's interests, it has become a great information point for knowing the city cultural schedule for the next months.

Connecting all forms of creation (music, theatre, architecture, sculpture, film, performance, painting, literature...), every innovative-creative project has had the opportunity to present their goals, ambitions and offer to the public in a maximum time of twenty minutes. All of this has been possible thanks to a set of public conferences in which there have taken part single professionals as well as artist's organizations and associations and scenes for creativity, having being developed both national and international cultural events (fairs, festivals and shows...).

Brussels Creative Forum

The wide variety of proposals brought us projects like the Café Numérique, where its owners organize seminars that try to bring new technologies to the public and shows the creative possibilities they provide; the web KissKissBankBank, an international website exclusively dedicated to the crowd funding of creative features; the exhibition hall and laboratory for creation, discussion and artistic marketing, The Egg; the ART2WORK initiative, which seeks to create groups among people from the same neighbourhood to create artistic works, whether they are professionals or not, or even if they have never had any contact with the artistic creation; L'iselp, a place to discover emerging artists of all styles, it collaborates with several art galleries; and a huge number of business projects for the promotion of tourism, heritage-related jobs or cultural diffusion, as Artwigo, Brussels Tourism Jobs or Tempora.

Brussels Creative Forum

At the same time the Forum has also hosted a series of discussions in order to bring together national and international professionals and to question controversial aspects of culture as well as to give visibility to new creative and cultural promotion initiatives. Some of the most significant conferences have discoursed by cultural professionals from very different fields, e.g. debating about European cultural policies, new forms of patronage (crow funding, sponsoring...), training and employment in the cultural sector and the future of Media industries in Brussels.

Brussels Creative Forum

But surely one of the most interesting creative activities of the Forum was entitled Pecha Kucha, in which a number of professional artists, new artists and cultural groups informally displayed their projects and works through a series of twenty slides showed for twenty seconds each. In this format called 20x20, artists like Geraldine Langlois (a travel photographer), Alexander Weiss (a film director, author of the documentary Filmer à tout prix), the collective Centre Tchèque (a Czech cultural association in Brussels), Koregos association (a non-profit association that has created a multimedia encyclopaedia of the world of Art made by professionals and amateurs); MAD Brussels (promoters of fashion and Belgian design through seminars, joint actions between creators and trade shows) or Azira (a fashion designer who has created her own line of clothing), had six minutes and forty seconds to exhibit their work and give a broader view of the creative and cultural life in Brussels.

Brussels Creative Forum

A special place was dedicated to children in the last day of the meeting: lots of activities designed to develop their creativity and to introduce the next month’s agenda specially designed for the youngest audience.

The first Brussels Creative Forum is ambitions to be an international landmark of cultural debate and intends to expand their limits in the next years, being a useful impulse to promote the Belgian artistic, tourist and creative panorama.


Estefanía Sánchez

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