The British digital designer creates digital sculptures of Pontiac cars that seem to float in impossible combinations.

Chris Labrooy makes cars dance in 'Auto Aerobics'
London - DEC 18, 2013

Chris Labrooy is a British designer whose works stands at the intersection between typography, architecture, product design and visual art. He began his love affair with 3D design by modelling furniture and products that he could not afford to produce. This evolved from a simple tool to a creative medium and he moved onto altering everyday objects into creative new forms, related to typography and sculpture.

Chris Labrooy makes cars dance in 'Auto Aerobics'

One of his most famous series is Auto Aerobics. The series began as a digital model of Brooklyn in winter time inspired by his evening strolls. The images evolved from a model that captured the textures and details, to an exploration of abstraction and motion in a sculptural form. At first, the Pontiac was just another element parked by the sidewalk, but as the series evolved it passed on to be the main element. The cars were then pushed into abstraction to create digital urban sculptures.

Chris Labrooy makes cars dance in 'Auto Aerobics'

Labrooy reworked and reshaped the familiar shapes of the classic car through 3D digital manipulation. He stretched, hollowed, multiplied, and bent into impossible combinations and shapes. The final results were digital sculptures that seem to float and move within the scene, perfectly integrated with their surroundings.



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