The Japanese artist explores the essence of void with his large scale installations.

Ethereal floating forms by Yasuaki Onishi
Tokyo - DEC 20, 2013

The Japanese artist Yasuaki Onishi creates large scale installations using very simple materials. With plastic sheeting and black hot glue he constructs monumental and at the same time, delicate forms that float mid-air. Through his pieces he reflects on the nature of void and the essence of non-space. 

Ethereal floating forms by Yasuaki Onishi

He begins by draping the plastic sheeting over stacked cardboard boxes, a process he calls 'casting the invisible'. The boxes are later removed, leaving behind only their impression.

Ethereal floating forms by Yasuaki Onishi

The installations allow viewers to walk in and out of the new configured space, inviting them into a moment of purity and peacefulness. This makes it possible to observe the subtle changes of light and shape created by the forms.



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