Meeting the artist: Conrad Roset
Barcelona - JUN 01, 2013
In your project '99muses' there is a great evolution in the technique from the first pieces , dating from 2009, to the most recent, what is the support on which you feel most comfortable and that you like and why?

The 99 muse project was title like this in the begining, since it emerged from the final university project, which has evolved until they have become my most ambitious works. The main idea of the project is to experiment with different supports like cardboard, wood, paper. The support that I liked most was paper with watercolor. The muses made on this support are those that occupy more space in the project. I also enjoyed working on wood. I would definitely stay with wood and paper.

It is curious to recall that when I presented the project to the professor that guided my work, he did not even bother to turn the images and look at them right side up and from his chair, almost without looking, he said "I don't like it, it is not pictorical enough, you're suspended". 

What are your influences?

The clearest reference I have is Egon Schielle, I also like Gustave Klimt and Mucha's modernist posters. But with the Internet every day you can find someone new, not so much known artists but people who have a blog or Tumblr. And of course, sharing the studio with Chamo San, Amaia Arrazola and Guim Tio, already is a symbiosis of references between us. Both in Barcelona and Madrid there are a lot of people and we got together.

What is your favorite band? Do you listen to music while you work? What kind of music?

I always say Sigur Rós, but right now I listen a lot to Woodkid. It is very melodic, instrumental, very quiet music, perfect for working. When Chamo San is in the studio you can hear electronic music.
Meeting the artist: Conrad Roset
Conrad Roset Muse
How was the work of the promotional video for a hotel in Cancun? Did you like to see your work animated?

It was one of the first works, one of the biggest, I did a couple of years ago, and I think it was my worst job in stress level. Well, I finished the job, handed it in and got sick. Actually, it was two weeks even though the video lasts a minute and it was non-stop, working and making loads of pictures. I love the result but it was a chaos of work. Later after a year, I made another animated video for Santa Marta, an advertising agency in Barcelona, and the customer was La Roca Village, a shopping center that is in the Roca del Vallés, and that sure was a great pleasure to work because we had a month. 

Working with animation involves drawing a lot for a few seconds of video, for a minute of video perhaps there are 100 drawings and it is very stressful. But I enjoyed seeing my work in motion, it gives it an incredible qualitative leap.

I have read that you're interested in the world of video clips. What interests you the most about it? Perhaps the multidisciplinary work that is subtracted from it?

What I liked was seeing my drawings in motion. When I discovered that you can draw, send the files and they will mount them, it's like one step further for illustration. What happens is that it is much more laborious, you need an animation team, you need a bigger budget, it is more complex to draw. But if I want to go in this direction and in fact am preparing a video for a group that I can not mention. I like to get involved in these projects.
Meeting the artist: Conrad Roset
Conrad Roset Muse
Is there a type of film that has marked you the most? Can you tell us  which ones?

I love cinema, for starters, and I think that it was with The Fight Club and The City of Lost Children, which is a film of the director of Amélie (Jean-Pierre Jeunet) who showed me a coach I had when I practiced Hockey, and when showed it to me, I thought, 'Wow! This is different!' I was used to a Spielberg type film, with 12 to 13 years, and I found out that there was an independent cinema that gave a lot value to aesthetics and photography, and I always liked this type of film. Now I love Wes Anderson. In fact, the project of the book In dreams, there are some illustrations where I've really picked up the color palette of the frames in Anderson's latest film, Moonrise Kingdom. It really is a clear reference of film for me.

I heard that in February you launched an application for smartphones... how did you come with the idea? And, how does this app work?

The application is for Ipad and Iphone. The idea did not occur to me. Ubicuo Estudio, an applications company, sent me an email and proposed making an application and I did not have to do anything, just say yes. I controlled the project, in the sense that it is my work and I want everything to be well organized but did nothing.

The application is divided into three categories. A video that is a day with me, a sort of mini-documentary that happens here in the studio, and then I go to eat lunch with some friends, really, it is a mini mini documentary. Secondly, you can see my portfolio with my illustrations. And the most succulent part for the public is a section where there are ios line drawings and it works like a mini Photoshop where you can emulate my strokes and my watercolors, and every person who has downloaded the application can paint muses their way but with my techniques.
Meeting the artist: Conrad Roset
Conrad Roset
If you had to pick a color, which would it be?

As a child it was always yellow, but now I think it is red. 

We have seen that from September of this year, you have become part of the Barcelona Academy of Art as a drawing teacher, along with other young professionals like Jordi Díaz Alamà, Eudald de Juana, David Masson, or Sara Stendlung, tell us a bit how this opportunity came along, how has your experience there been and what projects you will be pursuing?

I know almost nothing about this project although it will begin in September of this year. Jordi Díaz Alamà comes from studying in Florence and has set up a new school in Barcelona together with MEAM. This guy is applying what he learned in Italy and making a university very similar to that of Florence, art in its purest form. Not like Fine Arts in Barcelona where there are many disciplines and the students do not really learn any, and I think this course will be an intensive because it is eight hours a day Monday to Saturday during one year. I will give a more experimental drawing class, which is more expressive than technical, and this is what interests Jordi of me. The course that I will teach will be a four-hour course to be held on Saturdays from September 2013. And the truth is that it is amazing, it's a very good project, and have come together with the people of Amor a l'Art.
Meeting the artist: Conrad Roset
Conrad Roset Muse
Is there a place you might like to discover?

I'm not a big traveller, but now I'm moving to New York three months, and I think it's a good place to stay.

What is the last thing you dreamed about?

That there was an apocalypse and the aliens annihilate everyone. And they selected people who would live, people from each guild, and I saved myself because I was an illustrator and I tried to save my girlfriend saying she was a very good designer. Dream lot with tragedies, I do not know why.

Luz Massot

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