Ole Ukena combines youthful joy and adult seriousness in each of his works.

Ole Ukena's playful conceptual art
- SEP 13, 2013

Ole Ukena is a German conceptual artist that works with several mediums, such as text, video, photography, drawing and sculpture. His artistic diversity is bound by a complex simplicity that is present in each work, regardless of the form. Ukena explores the contrast between maturity and youth, with a combination of challenging artistic practices and innocent questioning of the world. His pieces often present a riddle, constructed by a poetic narrative, which must be completed by the viewer. In this sense, the materials and mediums he chooses become a metaphor that questions the norms and invites the viewer to undertake an on-going personal reflection.

Ukena explains that his works draw both from a strong conceptual nature and from natural intuition, a combination that reveals his desire to "create a map of the human mind, in an attempt to tell a tale about the very nature of it with all its possibilities, limitations, irritations, and hopes.”

Ole Ukena's playful conceptual art

©Ole Ukena

Ole Ukena's playful conceptual art

©Ole Ukena, Trust

Ole Ukena's playful conceptual art

©Ole Ukena, The weight of the present moment

Ole Ukena's playful conceptual art

©Ole Ukena, The great yellow



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