June 14, 15 and 16 contemporary creation will invade Barcelona

Plaga Festival, art in self-instituted spaces
Barcelona - JUN 13, 2013
Contemporary creation knows how to use adverse situations and the resources it has at its disposal to keep going, experimenting and delving into the future of contemporary art in all its aspects.

In Barcelona we find a new initiative based on these principles, with the help of a group of "open and heterogeneous" people interested in art, the Festival Plaga.

Plaga is defined as "a proliferation artistic proposals in places that are not usually used as reception areas for art." The festival brings together exhibitions, performances and actions, serving as space for testing and experimentation.

The event will be held in private flats, artists' workshops, spaces yielded for the occasion and on the street, invading the city of Barcelona on June 14,15 and 16.


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