We've rounded up 3 time lapse videos that show the magic of drawing and painting.

The amazing art of drawing
Barcelona - SEP 18, 2013

If seeing a detailed drawing is amazing, watching a time lapse video that shows the process is simply astounding. Seeing the evolution of the work, the incorporation of every detail, and the complexity and patience required helps understand the art of drawing and the amazing artistic abilities of illustrators and artists worldwide.

This week's Vimeo selection are 3 of our favourite time lapse videos of artists doing what they do best.

The Empire State of Pen is an amazing time lapse showing artist Patrick Vale creating a pencil drawing of the Manhattan skyline with all sorts of details. 

This time lapse video shows the impressive drawing abilities of artist Paul White who creates a detailed drawing of a crashed car in a total of 30 hours. 

The artist Lora Zombie shows the delicate process of creating a detailed drawing with watercolours. 




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