The Art Beijing Fine Art Fair Returns For Third Annual Showing
Beijing - SEP 08, 2011
The Art Beijing 2011 Fine Art Fair will be held at the National Agricultural Exhibition Center in Beijing from September 15th to 18th. A VIP preview will be held on September 15th. One of the fair brands promoted by Beijing Art Fair Culture Co., Ltd., two Art Beijing Fine Art Fairs have previously been successfully held. The previous two Fine Art Beijing achieved high academic and commercial success, winning praise from various circles for expertly reflecting the development trends of the Chinese art market as well as meeting their audiences’ demands for classical art.

This year’s Fine Art Beijing will continue the tradition of the executive council of Art Beijing, integrating classical and fine art resources from both home and abroad through professional planning and all-round services. In the areas of services, sales, customers, positioning and media publicity, Fine Art Beijing offers an extraordinary package of services and market resources that exceed the expectations of its participating galleries and event partners. Bringing together over 40 galleries and art institutions, this year’s Fine Art Beijing offers a strong lineup. It will present an extraordinary exhibition of both classical and modern art from West and East. Compared with previous fairs, the exhibits at the Fine Art Beijing 2011 are richer in form and more diversified in style. Attending the fair, you will be able to travel from the ancient past to the contemporary art world, enjoying classical Western paintings, modern Chinese paintings, modern and contemporary oil paintings, Japanese paintings, and Russian oil paintings, all of which have had an enormous impact on contemporary Chinese art.

Many classical Western paintings since the 18th century will be exhibited by Hagemann Gallery, Classic Jen Western Arts Salon, Galerie Cinquini, Gu Feng Tang and Zeit-Foto Salon, including paintings from the art traditions of the Barbizon School, Neoclassicism, Realism, Cubism, Surrealism, and Pop Art. Can Art Center, Bloom Gallery, BaiYaXuan, Permanence Gallery, Chin DerJyn Gallery and ChingShiun International Art Auction Co., Ltd., will also bring renowned oil paintings by Chinese modern and contemporary artists, including Wu Guanzhong, Jin Shangyi, He Duoling, Wang Yidong, Zhang Xiaogang, Shi Benming and Li Guijun. The Ching Shiun International Art Auction Co., Ltd., will also exhibit masterpieces by Lin Fengmian, Zhu Dequn, Zhao Wuji and Gu Wenda, all of whom are well-known for their singular fusions of traditional Chinese art and Western art. Poly International Auction Co., Ltd., and Beijing Council International Auction Co., Ltd., will bring audiences outstanding artworks bymodern and contemporary masters like Wu Changshuo, Zhang Daqian, Qi Baishi, Hong Yi, Xie Zhiliu, Gao Jianfu and Wu Guanzhong, allowing us to appreciate the essence of Chinese painting. In addition, Fine Art Beijing 2011 will exhibit classical Russian oil paintings by K.M. Maksimov and Mylnikov, which will be presented by Sanshang Art Gallery, as well as masterpieces by Japanese masters exhibited by Beijing Noda Contemporary Gallery. As in previous years, one of the highlights of Fine Art Beijing 2011 will be an exhibition of classical furniture, jewelry, Buddhist sculpture and antiques.

This year, participants include the Culture Art Consultant Co., Ltd., Jade Gallery Co., Ltd., BB Gallery, Liang Ke Tang, and Jing Xian Zhai, all of which are all renowned art institutions.The exhibition size and exhibit categories will also be larger than last year. Traditional fine artworks like Tibetan Thang-ka and ceramics will be included in the fair for the first time. Buddhist sculpture will, however, remain the section’s highlight. An indispensable part of all Art Beijing fairs is the theme exhibition, which builds on fine arts history and academic analysis for its mission of art education and popularization. This year, Art Beijing is working with many art institutions to showcase master artists from a range of countries, historical periods, styles and schools. In addition, experts will discuss the systematic presentation of classical arts, such as printmaking, sculpture, oil painting and ink painting in the context of contemporary art and collection. Fine Art Beijing 2011 will not only be a visual feast, but an experience of the very essence of traditional art. The exhibition includes follows a carefully planned positioning and concept to best present the history and culture of classical art, as well as its value and significance today.

Art Beijing Fine Art Fair


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