Part 2 of the 10 ArtDiscover artists featured in the 'Most Important Artists of 2013' by Complex Magazine.

The best of 2013: the top international artists II
Barcelona - DEC 31, 2013

Part two of our 10 most important artists of 2013, inspired by Complex Magazine's yearly roundup. The top 5 positions show that 2013 has seen the importance of international urban art in the world's top institutions and the public's love for large scale, immersive installations. 

5. Kaws

2013 has been a big year for the designer KAWS. His x-eyed character, Companion, has moved between commercial and non-commercial context with ease. One example is the MTV VMAs, where KAWS redesigned the iconic astronaut with his own unmistakable style. His work has also been featured in various exhibitions, galleries and art fairs, marking a definite place for him in the fine art circuit. The best part? He's retained his style showing the versatility of his production and imagination.

The best of 2013: the top international artists II


4. JR

The French photographer known as JR has been busy flyposting his large scale photographs in cities all over the world. Cartagena, Shanghai, L.A., and Havana have all been invaded by his intense and socially driven projects. 2013 has also been the year in which his long term project Inside Out has been partially presented, showing the highlights and progress during the last 2 years. The visual impact of his large scale interventions has sparked a lot of noise online, capturing the beauty and social implications of his pieces. 

The best of 2013: the top international artists II

©Daniel Arsham

3. Daniel Arsham

If there is one artist capable of being all over the world working on collaborations and presenting his own work in various exhibitions that is Daniel Arsham. From London to Hong Kong, Arsham has unveiled a rich and complex body of work, excellent and alluring every time. Plus, he has collaborated with top notch musicians, like Pharell, and international architecture firms like Snarkitecture. The list is quite impressive: "Easter Island" at Galerie Perrotin (Paris), Snarkitecture's "The White Room", "#recollections" at Pippy Houldsworth Gallery, "#TOMORROWSPAST" at Ron Mandos Gallery, part 1 of "#YESTERDAYSFUTURES" at Escape Louis Vuitton Singapore, Part two of "#YESTERDAYSFUTURES (PART II)" at School of Arts in Singapore, "#FUTUREARCHIVE" at Galerie Perrotin (Hong Kong), and last but not least, "FUTURE RELIC" at Art Basel in Miami Beach.

The best of 2013: the top international artists II

2. Random International

Few artists can summon the masses and force them to wait in endless lines for hours to see an exhibition, much less an installation of digital art. Random International is one of them. Their incredible installation Rain Room, first shown at Barbican Center in London and later at MoMA in New York, gathered people from all over who desperatly wanted to spend a few minutes inside and experience what was perhaps the most engaging and immersive of all installations. 

1. Banksy

Banksy has probably been the most talked about artist online during the second half of the year. His month long residency in New York, titled 'Better out than in', sparked all types of debates. The 31 new pieces that he produced during his stay were tagged or covered in matter of hours, showing the state of art today, especially street art, in the urban context. He also conducted a very peculiar artistic and social experiment by setting up an art sale in Central Park that surprisingly had very few sales.



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