Among the vast variety of articles and artists featured on our site during 2013, our readers in English have chosen 5 that represent the very best of 2013 ranging from artist interviews to tech inspired paintings.

The best of 2013: top articles and artists in english
Barcelona - DEC 26, 2013


Meeting the artist: Conrad Roset

In June we met up with Conrad Roset, a catalan illustrator, in his Barcelona studio. We chatted with him about his 'Muses', his work method and his inspiration. The result was an interview full of personal details and insights that bring us closer to the work of this talented international artist. 

The best of 2013: top articles and artists in english

Art news

François Abelanet creates the world's largest 3D street art piece

In July the artist François Abelanet revealed the largest 3D street art in the world in Place Bellecour in Lyon, France. The work, which entered the Guinness Book of Records, covered a total of 6.000m2.

The work represented four different surreal universes. Each piece was a giant anamorphic, i.e. a reversible deformation of an image produced by an optical illusion. From the point of view established by Abelanet, the form of the work was proportionate and clearly visible, showing the 3D perspective effect created by the elements of the scene.

The best of 2013: top articles and artists in english


Os Gemeos (street art)

Otavio and Gustavo Pandolfo, or as they are better known, Os Gemeos (pronouced "ose zhe'-mee-ose") are a street art duo from Sao Paulo, Brazil. The curious part is that they are identical twin brothers and their name translates to "the twins" in Portuguese.

They have gained international notoriety for their unique, colourful and politically and social charged works that can be seen in the streets of Sao Paulo, which have become a favorite among street art lovers. They also produce smaller scale works in collaboration with Barry McGee

The best of 2013: top articles and artists in english

Almudena Lobera (drawings)

The Spanish artist's work explores the notion that the image is not always visible or accesible in nature. Her exploration about the different way of seeing is expressed through concepts of the unseen, the invisible, the unknown, the virtual and the inaccessible. Her drawings represent the different states of perception, as well as her video-installations, photographs and objects. 


The best of 2013: top articles and artists in english

Nick Gentry (mixed media)

The British artist transforms pieces of obsolete technologies into artworks. Objects like used x-rays, film negatives and floppy discs serve as the main support for his painted portraits. He gathers the elements from contributions of different people that send boxes full of their discarded objects. The resulting paintings are futuristic portraits of humans that reflect the influence of consumism, technology and cyber culture on society and identity.



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