Among the vast variety of articles and artists featured on our site during 2013, our readers in Spanish have chosen 5 that represent the very best of 2013 ranging from in depth interviews to striking black and white images.

The best of 2013: top articles and artists in Spanish
Barcelona - DEC 27, 2013


Conversation with an art critic, part I: David G.Torres

Back in April, we visited the headquarters of A*Desk, an online magazine based in Barcelona devoted to critical thinking and contemporary art. There we had the chance to talk with the publication's co-director, the art critic and curator David G. Torres. The resulting interview is full of honesty and humour, showing a refreshing point of view on critical thinking and what it means to be an art critic. 

The best of 2013: top articles and artists in Spanish

Art news

Abel Azcona presents a new project with Regina Fiz Santos

Also in April, the famous and controversial Spanish performance artists Abel Azcona and Regina Fiz Santos presented "Confinement in Search of Identity". During 7 days, both artists lived in a gallery space transformed into an apartment, while being filmed and photographed. Locked in during 168 hours, the project explored the search for identity.

The best of 2013: top articles and artists in Spanish


Txemy Basualto (street art)

The Spanish artist once said "I don't think that art can be measured by how crafted it is, but by how much it can move you." His work, on the street or on canvas, is the expression of this and a representation of the potential of colour, so powerful that it captivates the viewer. At first, it seems arbitrary, lines of colour that have no particular order, but Basualto knows how to organize chaos into pieces full of emotion and movement, where every single line has a purpose.

The best of 2013: top articles and artists in Spanish

Yago Hortal (painting)

Earlier this year, we interviewed Yago Hortal, another Spanish artist who explores the power of colour and compositions that could be called organized chaos. In this case, the pieces he creates are completely abstract, showing the force of the brush stroke and the pictorial qualities of the pigments. His layering of paint over the canvas creates an almost sculptural effect that completes the compositions adding a sense of tridimensionality. The vitality and impetus his large scale paintings express has gained him international recognition, on and off line. 

The best of 2013: top articles and artists in Spanish

Benoit Courti (photography)

The straightforward simplicity and the striking elegance of the French photographer are two of the main reasons he has stood out among the other extraordinary photographers on ArtDiscover. Courti's work shows his masterly domain of lighting techniques and his keen eye for composition. At times daring other times surprisingly classical, every single one of his images are perfectly executed The aura of mystery that captivates the viewer is achieved by the stark black and white contrast that creates an intimacy that transforms portraits into dark images that are beautiful and haunting.



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