The 54th International Art Exhibition, ILLUMInazioni will count with 82 artists from around the world.

The Venice Biennale -
Venice - MAY 30, 2011
The 54th International Art Exhibition, with the title of ILLUMInazioni - Illuminations, headed by the Bice Curig and organized by the Venice Biennale, chaired by Paolo Baratta, open from June 3 to November 27, 2011, in the Gardens and the Arsenal of Venice, Italy.

ILLUMInazioni - Illuminations is exposed in the Central Hall at the "Giardini and the Arsenale, which form a unique itinerary, with 82 artists from around the world, including 32 young artists born after 1975, and 32 women artists.

As usual, the exhibition will be held in parallel with some 88 National Participations, a record for the Biennale (in 2009 there were 77). It will be located in the historical trade pavilions in the Giardini, the Arsenale and in other places around the city. The Italian Pavilion will be located in the Arsenale, organized by the Ministry of Culture, along with PABAAC, and will be curate by Vittorio Sgarbi. The countries participating for the first time will be Germany, Andorra, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Bangladesh and Haiti. Other countries involved again after a long period of absence will be: India, Congo, Iraq, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Costa Rica and Cuba. More than 40 side events will be organized by international organizations and institutions, which will launch its exhibitions and initiatives in various places around town for the Biennale.

The title of the 54th International Art Exhibition –Illuminations-, literally, draws attention to the importance of these efforts in a globalized world. "Illuminations emphasizes the intuitive and the illumination of thought that is nourished by an encounter with art and its ability to sharpen the tools of perception - the director said. "The Biennial is like a wind machine - Paolo Baratta revealed.

Every two years, it shakes the forest, reveals hidden truths, gives new strength and light of new shoots, which shows the persistence of old trunks and branches from a different perspective .

The Biennial is a great pilgrimage, where the works of artists and the work of the curators of the voices of the world gather to talk about themselves and our future. Art here is seen as a continuous evolution. 

There are two leading projects organized by la Biennale for the 54th Exhibition:

Biennale Sessions and Meetings on Art.

* Biennale Sessions: is a programme addressed to institutions, operating in the field of research and education in the domain of arts or similar. The objective is to promote the Exhibition visit among groups of at least 50 students and teachers, who will be given support to organize their trip and stay. They will also be given the possibility to organize seminars in venues we offer them free of charge. We have contacted more than 2,000 international institutions so far, who have been invited to take part in the programme.

* Meetings on Art: stands for a number of meetings and seminars with artists, curators, philosophers and theologians scheduled in the month of June and early in autumn. As explained by Paolo Baratta, the purpose of both projects is to "confirm the role played by the Venice Biennale as an institution open to knowledge and the spirit of research."

Educational activities are also planned for 2011, against individuals and groups of students in schools (regardless of any level and type), universities and academies of fine arts professionals, companies, experts, art lovers and families alike. This type of initiative, led by trained operators selected by the Venice Biennale, are aimed at active participants, and are divided into tours and lab activities.

The opening of the 54th Exhibition and award ceremony will take place on Friday, June 3 at the Giardini, with the official award presentation by the International Jury. On the occasion of the 54th Exhibition, three online competitions will be launched through the website

*ILLUMInations – Photography: the best photograph of the Exhibition (competition open only to accredited photographers).

*ILLUMInations – Essay: the best critical essay on the Exhibition.

*ILLUMInations – Video clip: the best video about the Exhibition.


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