A short video vacation will help you deal with getting back into the work routine.

Video vacations for january
Barcelona - JAN 23, 2016

Its been a few weeks since christmas vacation and the work routine is back. Fear not, we have 3 different video vacations so you can disconnect, at least for a while. 

Timelapse vacations: Travelling without leaving your desk: the cosmopolitan charm of Barcelona, to the breath taking vastness of Yosemite or the historic beauty of Saint Petersburg, all the way to the colourful neon lights of Shanghai.

The amazing art of drawing: the evolution of the work, the incorporation of every detail, and the complexity and patience required helps understand the art of drawing and the amazing artistic abilities of illustrators and artists worldwide.

Vimeo Picks: Creativity in the office: a few minutes of creative genius and audio visual expertise that explore the potential of office life.



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