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The ArtDiscover artist showcase magazine is an online publication that offers a brief look at the international contemporary art scene. In our articles you will find information about the most important artistic trends and artists that have everyone talking. We analyze fresh, innovative and visually stunning international artistic creation, highlighting the best artists whose works mark the future for contemporary art.


MAY 02, 2013

The Other Art Fair, the artist-friendly fair in London

Critic vs. Critic Experiment: Agnieszka Gratza  ... read more

MAY 02, 2013

GATEKEEPERS, OFF YOU GO!: The Art Fair Where Artists...

Critic vs. Critic Experiment: Rodrigo Cañete ArtDiscover sent Rodrigo... read more

APR 30, 2013

CHART Copenhagen’s new contemporary art fair

A few days ago, Copenhagen announced the birth of the city’s new art... read more

APR 29, 2013

Iván Argote in ADN Gallery

From May 22 to the 31st we will comprehend the of joy of our friends and... read more

APR 26, 2013

Ephemeral Street Art gallery in Les Bains-Douches

Les Bains-Douches is a legend in the nightlife of Paris. Until 2010, it was... read more

APR 25, 2013

Art talks: Daniel Gasol and Luca Benites from Oficina 36

Oficina36 is an association dedicated to the management and... read more

APR 24, 2013

4th Edition of Art Monaco opens tomorrow

After four successful editions, Art Monaco ‘13 has established itself as the... read more

APR 23, 2013

Critic vs. Critic Experiment: two art critics visit the...

Edit: Check out the results of our Critic vs. Critic Experiment. Part... read more

APR 22, 2013

London´s underground celebrates its 150 anniversary with...

As part of the celebrations of London’s Underground 150 anniversary, 15... read more

APR 19, 2013

Art Fairs from New York to Beijing.

Between the end of April and the month of May the art world agenda has a few... read more

APR 18, 2013

Rhizome’s Seven on Seven bringing art and technology...

Since 2010 Rhizome has been presenting Seven on Seven, an annual... read more

APR 17, 2013

D-IVE Digital Live mobile photography festival

In only 3 years, Instagram has made mobile photography a new way to... read more

APR 16, 2013

The Bolaño Archive in the CCCB

The Centre of Contemporary Culture of Barcelona offers until June 30th an... read more

APR 15, 2013

Conversation with an art critic part II: David G. Torres

Second part of our visit to the A*Desk headquarters in... read more

APR 12, 2013

Featured Artist: Luca Zanier

Luca Zanier, descendant of Italian parents, was born and raised forty-seven... read more

APR 11, 2013

LOOP Fair prepares a selection of new films for its 11th...

Screen Projects presents another edition of LOOP Fair in Barcelona. After 11... read more

APR 10, 2013

Night Contact a new Multimedia and Photography Festival...

Uk’s newest Multimedia and Photography Festival, Night... read more

APR 09, 2013

Photography April

Photography creation has been fascinating us from the beginning. The mix of... read more

APR 08, 2013

Abel Azcona presents a new project with Regina Fiz Santos

Following the introduction of a Artistic Manifesto last month, Abel Azcona... read more

APR 05, 2013

Conversation with an art critic, part I: David G.Torres

ArtDiscover visits the headquarters of A*Desk to talk with... read more

APR 04, 2013

Contemporary Photography Spring Special

What would a world without photography be like? Everywhere we look,... read more

APR 03, 2013

Meeting the artist: Chamo San

Born in 1987 the young illustrator of Les Corts is opening place for himself... read more

APR 02, 2013

The leading spring art fairs in April

This April various art fairs mark the cultural agendas of some of the most... read more

APR 01, 2013

Lieko Shiga in Foam Amsterdam

Lieko Shiga’s work is right on the border between dreams and reality. Her... read more