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FEB 21, 2013

Up next in the art world

Today is great day to be an art lover craving to see new, top notch art... read more

FEB 20, 2013

The artistic project “Economy” explores the impact of...

“In the 21st century, does the economy provide the ground zero of our... read more

FEB 19, 2013

CaixaForum in Barcelona and Madrid will charge entry to...

CaixaForum, museum of Social Labour of La Caixa, will implement a new policy... read more

FEB 18, 2013

The Cranford Collection is presented outside its...

The exhibition Out of the House will be the first change to see... read more

FEB 15, 2013

The 20th edition of the Sónar festival presents "Sonar+D"

Sónar is the name given to the International Festival of Advanced... read more

FEB 14, 2013

Graffiti artists transform abandoned ship into an...

Art can bring beauty to practically any place, even to an abandoned cruise... read more

FEB 12, 2013

Featured Artist: Olafur Eliasson

The contemporary artist, Olafur Eliasson, born in Copenhagen in 1967,... read more

FEB 11, 2013

The biennial format moves to cyberspace in BiennaleOnline

In recent years, the emergence of new biennial has been almost a constant in... read more

FEB 08, 2013

Mark Wallinger´s art commission for London Underground

With the visión of providing "World Class Art for a World Class... read more

FEB 08, 2013

Light from the Middle East is the name of the...

  It is noteworthy that many of these artists are women, which... read more

FEB 07, 2013

The next 7 days in the art world

February seems to be the month of the art fairs. In cities such as Madrid,... read more

FEB 06, 2013

Omar Jerez and Abel Azcona prepare an art project that...

The Granadian artist Omar Jerez and the Navarrese... read more

FEB 05, 2013

Featured artist: Elian Somers

For Elian Somers, photography servers as a medium for questioning the urban... read more

FEB 04, 2013

Young emerging artists are presented in "Generation...

Throughout its 14 editions, Generations has become a very important platform... read more

FEB 01, 2013

Curator’s Insight: Martí Manen

Martí Manen, curator and art critic, has spoken to us about the role... read more

JAN 31, 2013

Must-see exhibitions in February

The month of February brings many innovations for contemporary art lovers.... read more

JAN 30, 2013

Street artist Christian Guémy "C215" exhibits his work...

Born in Paris, C215 began with urban art in the 90s combining it... read more

JAN 29, 2013

Premiere of the definitive performance of Marina Abramovic

Between 14 March and 31 May 2010, Marina Abramovic held her definitive... read more

JAN 28, 2013

Jäälphoto arrives in Madrid, the most independent...

Jäälphoto arrives with the intention of changing the art fair... read more

JAN 24, 2013

First retrospective of the artist Ahlam Shibli in MACBA.

Ahlam Shibli unfolds in Phantom Home an acute reflection on the notion of... read more

JAN 23, 2013

Guggenheim UBS MAP will present its first exhibition in...

The global art initiative Guggenheim UBS MAP, has announced its inaugural... read more

JAN 22, 2013

Jorge Fuembuena: the portrait as a form of seduction

The last exhibition of Jorge Fuembuena, Portraits / Retratos, showcases the... read more

JAN 21, 2013

The first retrospective of photographer Robert Adams in...

Where we live. A retrospective selection of photographs is the first... read more

JAN 18, 2013

Opening of La Térmica de Malaga with the exhibit 'Lady...

As of today, the city of Malaga has a new contemporary arts center which... read more