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NOV 16, 2013

Digital surrealism by Erik Johansson

Erik Johansson is a full time photographer and retoucher from Sweden... read more

NOV 15, 2013

Sculptures of destruction and beauty by Eyal Gever

The artistic production of the Isareli artist Eyal Gever passes... read more

NOV 14, 2013

Andrew Salgado's powerful abstract paintings

Andrew Salgado is a Canadian artist that lives in London whose figurative... read more

NOV 13, 2013

Kevin Van Aelst shows the potential of everyday objects

The North American artist Kevin Van Aelst has an incredible imagination and... read more

NOV 12, 2013

Surreal photos of elegance and beauty by Rebeca Cygnus

Rebeca Cygnus, the artistic name of Rebeca Carpintero, is a young Spanish... read more

NOV 11, 2013

Mark Dorf, juxtapositions of tech and nature

Mark Dorf has developed a particular artistic expression that creates... read more

NOV 09, 2013

Seokmin Ko's camouflaged reality

The photographer Seokmin Ko has spent the last three years developing... read more

NOV 08, 2013

Mary Sibande challenges the stereotypical depiction of women

Mary Sibande is a digital and mixed media artist, who lives and works in... read more

NOV 07, 2013

Life size wooden sculptures by Mario Dilitz

The Austrian artist Mario Dilitz is what we could call a modern day... read more

NOV 06, 2013

Images of the spectacular side of normality by Grant Harder

Grant Harder’s trick for turning everyday moments into something... read more

NOV 05, 2013

Tatyana Fazlalizadeh's street art tackles sexual harassment

Tatyana Fazlalizadeh is a street artist that explores social problems... read more

NOV 04, 2013

Peter Nicholson, the documentalist of the mundane

The photographer Peter Nicholson could be called a documentalist of everyday... read more

NOV 02, 2013

London through the lens of Nicholas Goodden

The photographer Nicholas Goodden has been taking pictures of London since... read more

NOV 01, 2013

Amy Judd's images of femininity

Amy Judd is a London based artist whose work is inspired by the beauty and... read more

OCT 31, 2013

Brad Downey's spontaneous sculptures and reinvented objects

Brad Downey's street art takes a close look at the control of public... read more

OCT 30, 2013

Isabel M. Martínez photographs the instants between blinks

Isabel M. Martinez is a photographer of invisible moments. The Chilean born... read more

OCT 29, 2013

Alex Wein's surreal images of reality

Alex Wein is a North American photographer with a style that lies between... read more

OCT 28, 2013

Samuel Gomez's drawn dystopias

The artist Samuel Gomez, who currently lives and works in New York City, is... read more

OCT 26, 2013

ANTIVJ's digital installations that discover new dimensions

ANTIVJ is a visual label based in Belgium whose work focuses on the use of... read more

OCT 25, 2013

Sculptures of paper and metal by Andrew Hayes

Andrew Hayes has a peculiar fixation with books, especially with their... read more

OCT 24, 2013

Cinematic hyperrealistic dreams by Victor Rodriguez

The Mexican born artist Victor Rodriguez represent a new generation of... read more

OCT 23, 2013

Romain Laurent's unreal reality

Romain Laurent's unreal reality takes monotony out of everyday life. The... read more

OCT 22, 2013

Tomoaki Suzuki's urban icons

The Japanese sculptor Tomoaki Suzuki analyses the cultural diversity of... read more

OCT 21, 2013

Monica Lek's photographic search

The Spanish artist Monica Lek is an analogue photographer that is constantly... read more