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SEP 21, 2013

Sara Macel's images of a life on the road

Sara Macel, a North American photographer, is an excellent storyteller. Her... read more

SEP 20, 2013

Strange but beautiful sculptures by Gregor Gaida

The Polish artist Gregor Gaida creates sculptures that depict aggressive... read more

SEP 19, 2013

Benoit Paillé's photographic insights on humanity

The Canadian photographer Benoit Paillé, as he explains, "focuses on... read more

SEP 18, 2013

The amazing art of drawing

If seeing a detailed drawing is amazing, watching a time lapse video that... read more

SEP 17, 2013

Mitch Griffiths' iconography of the 21st century

Mitch Griffiths is a modern day master of figurative painting. Drawing from... read more

SEP 16, 2013

Screens and lives of Matthew Pillsbury

Matthew Pillsbury likes to capture contemporary society through the lens of... read more

SEP 14, 2013

Christina Paik's portraits show life as is

The young photographer Christina Paik, currently based between New York City... read more

SEP 13, 2013

Ole Ukena's playful conceptual art

Ole Ukena is a German conceptual artist that works with several mediums,... read more

SEP 12, 2013

Revisiting "Three Generations", Contemporary art from...

The United Arab Emirates is a fascinating place in the context of artistic... read more

SEP 11, 2013

Social prototypes revisited by Anja Niemi

Anja Niemi says she is a Norwegian photographer whose way of life is based... read more

SEP 10, 2013

Art Talks: Pantocrátor Gallery in Shanghai

ArtDiscover talks to the directors of Pantocrator gallery, a Spanish gallery... read more

SEP 09, 2013

Damien Gilley's optical illusion installation art

The North American artist Damien Gilley creates optical illusions that... read more

SEP 07, 2013

Brussels Creative Forum

The Brussels Creative Forum is a cultural and touristic initiative that... read more

SEP 06, 2013

Raymond's Lemstra's wonderful illustrations

Raymond Lemstra bases his work as an illustrator in bringing back the "sense... read more

SEP 05, 2013

Guillaume Bression's black and white visions of solitude

Guillaume Bression, a French photographer, spent one year in Japan capturing... read more

SEP 04, 2013

Alicia Eggert's playful conceptual art

The North American conceptual artist Alicia Eggert creates kinetic,... read more

SEP 03, 2013

Ruben Sanchez's geometric street art

The Spanish artist Ruben Sanchez began painting at the age of 13. Now years... read more

SEP 02, 2013

Ailera Stone brings dreams to life

Ailera Stone is a young photographer born in Lithuania that currently lives... read more

AUG 31, 2013

Fabian Oefner, color and motion

Fabian Oefner is a Swiss artist that explores science through his art. As an... read more

AUG 30, 2013

Tiago Casanova takes us on a journey through personal spaces

"When a house or a space belong to us, or when we have an intimate affinity... read more

AUG 29, 2013

Amélie Monti's precious black and white moments

The young French photographer Amélie Monti has the ability to make even the... read more

AUG 28, 2013

Carlos Ayesta, a new point of view for architectural...

Carlos Ayesta proposes a new way to view and value architecture through... read more

AUG 27, 2013

Arne Quinze's amazing installations made from wood

Arne Quinze has established his career as the creator of magical wooden... read more

AUG 26, 2013

Shohei Otomo's incredible ballpoint pen drawings

Shohei Otomo is a Japanese illustrator that combines tradition and modernity... read more