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The ArtDiscover artist showcase magazine is an online publication that offers a brief look at the international contemporary art scene. In our articles you will find information about the most important artistic trends and artists that have everyone talking. We analyze fresh, innovative and visually stunning international artistic creation, highlighting the best artists whose works mark the future for contemporary art.


MAY 30, 2013

Meeting the artist: Héctor Francesch

Somewhere between a neo-pop conception and comicbook aesthetics, we can... read more

MAY 29, 2013

Exhibitions worth revisiting: James Turrell "Roden Crater"

Northwest of Flagstaff, in the Painted Desert of Arizona, is the Roden... read more

MAY 28, 2013

Selim Varol: The art of collecting urban art

For most of us, collecting toys is a hobby consumed by young people. The... read more

MAY 27, 2013

James Clar shows the power of light

James Clar’s light based installations are born from a desire to analyse the... read more

MAY 25, 2013

Kevin Francis Gray’s neoclassical beauty of contemporary...

There is something strangely alluring in the sculptures of Kevin Francis... read more

MAY 24, 2013

Stories in the margins of Adriana Varejão

One of the most recognized contemporary visual artists from... read more

MAY 23, 2013

Halil Altindere shows the contemporary side of Turkey

Halil Altindere is a name that will come up increasingly more in the... read more

MAY 22, 2013

Chronicle of a night. The night of the museums in Barcelona

Exiting the subway with the hustle of someone who is running late, I... read more

MAY 21, 2013

Art of wishes, dreams, magic and love by Bubi Canal.

The artist Bubi Canal, of Spanish origin and currently based in New York... read more

MAY 20, 2013

Flora Borsi and the photography of the physically impossible

More and more young artists are turning to surrealism in order to explore... read more

MAY 18, 2013

Tima Radya: Street art for the open minded

The Russian street artist Tima Radya, winner of CutLog New York 2013, and... read more

MAY 17, 2013

Seduced by art: Past and Present of Photography

"The artist is faithful and photography lies - sentenced Rodin - for in... read more

MAY 16, 2013

Hyperrealism Special: the third generation of painters

Roberto Bernardi, Raphaella Spence, Tom Martin and Luis Pérez are among the... read more

MAY 15, 2013

Silvia Bermejo fills Salamanca with echos of femininity...

Our limitations disturb us. The understanding of this art requires a social... read more

MAY 14, 2013

The dark romanticism of Vikram Kushwah captures the...

Vikram Kushwah, a commercial and art photographer based in London,... read more

MAY 13, 2013

Duologue, the collaborative exhibition of Erlend Tait &...

When two great artists come together at the right time, the result is an... read more

MAY 11, 2013

Niu, a creative art center worth visiting

Niu, an art center situated in one of the most active artistic neighborhoods... read more

MAY 10, 2013

Cristina Iglesias: The Whole for the part

If there is an artist who needs no introduction it is Cristina Iglesias. The... read more

MAY 09, 2013

Space sculpted by light: Vanishing Point by...

Vanishing Point, by the art studio UnitedVisualArtists,  is the result of an... read more

MAY 08, 2013

Exhibitions worth revisiting: The Lebanese Rocket Society

At first glance, the title of CRG Gallery’s show The Lebanese Rocket... read more

MAY 07, 2013

HUM. Sonority through space

Within contemporary art there can be many disputes when considering an... read more

MAY 06, 2013

Nick Gentry's creates art with obsolete technology

Used x-rays, film negatives, floppy discs, they all have a place in Nick... read more

MAY 04, 2013

Alex Hall paints the uncertainty of contemporary life

Alex Hall, a young Nashville based artist, has the hability of reflecting... read more

MAY 03, 2013

Vincent Solheid explores the sacre and the profane in...

The young artist exhibits on this occasion at the Musée d'Ixelles... read more